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Mortgage in default

Extra Fees: The lender keep adding fees and extra charges to your loan every single month.

Risk of Foreclosure: Depending on which state the property is in, foreclosure could be as quick as 90 days after a mortgage loan goes into default.

Ruined Credit: Unpaid mortgage payments and eventual foreclosure is devastating for your credit score.

Selling takes time: If you decide to sell your property, it takes time to list a property and sell it on the market. 

Working with us

No Upfront Fees: We do not charge any fees for our free evaluation of your situation.

What you see is what you get: When we make you a cash offer on your loan, there are no additional fees, charges or other costs deducted at closing.

Quick Turnaround: We can help reinstate loans that are as little as 7 days away from a scheduled foreclosure sale date.


Credit Repair: By bringing your loan current, your credit history will improve over time.

No Closing Costs:
You get cash and don’t have to spend anything once you close.

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