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Avoid foreclosure and protect your credit score

We help homeowners that fell behind on their mortgage and are facing the looming thread of foreclosure.

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About American Default Prevention


My team and I are committed to helping homeowners overcome their mortgage challenges and avoid foreclosure. We understand the stress and uncertainty that can arise from financial difficulties and losing your home.


With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for homeowners across the nation. Our expertise in dealing with foreclosure situations, combined with our commitment to every single family that is facing the threat of foreclosure, makes us a reliable choice when you need assistance.


Daniel Zubrik 
Founder of American Default Prevention

How the program works

In the video below we show exactly how we help homeowners that fell behind on their mortgage, and a lot of times face the thread of foreclosure. 

We understand the stress and uncertainty that come with falling behind on mortgage payments, and we're here to help you avoid the potential loss of your home and the negative financial consequences that can follow. ​

Or call us now: (844) 548-1998


We have asked Families that we have helped in the past to share their experience, here is what they had to say:

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Or call us now: (844) 548-1998

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently and relevant questions about the American Default Prevention Program:

- Is the American Default Program legal?
Yes, the program is legal in all 50 states.

- Does American Default Prevention charge any fees?
We do not charge any fees. Whatever amount we quote you, you actually receive at closing.

My home is not in perfect condition. Do I still qualify?
In most cases we can still help, even if the property is in poor condition.

What happens if American Default Prevention stops making payments?

If we ever stop making payments on the loan, the home owner gets the property deeded back to them. All made payments and improvements to the home will belong to the home owner.

Call us now: (844) 548-1998

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